Masai Mara horse riding safari

Prepare for an expedition into the depths of Africa’s wilderness with Drunken Elephant Mara, where an unforgettable horse riding safari awaits in Kenya’s majestic Masai Mara. Delve into the splendor of the savannah, encounter the Big Five up close, and revel in the excitement of traversing this iconic landscape astride a horse.

At Drunken Elephant Mara, we specialize in delivering unparalleled horse riding safaris in the Masai Mara. Led by our expert guides, embark on an adventure unlike any other as you journey across the expansive plains, meandering rivers, and dense forests of this renowned national reserve. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, our well-trained horses and knowledgeable team ensure a secure and thrilling experience for all.

Envision yourself riding alongside towering giraffes, majestic elephants, and graceful antelopes as you explore the unspoiled beauty of the Masai Mara. Our horse riding safaris offer a distinctive viewpoint, allowing for closer encounters with wildlife and immersion in the African bush’s sights and sounds. Feel the rhythm of your horse’s hooves beneath you as you gallop across the open plains, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

However, our horse riding safaris aren’t solely about adrenaline-fueled adventures. They also provide an opportunity to forge a deeper connection with nature, to bask in the peace and tranquility of the African wilderness. Take a moment to pause and marvel at the intricate ecosystems that sustain life in the Masai Mara, from the tiniest insects to the majestic predators that roam the land.

Drunken Elephant Mara is dedicated to responsible tourism and conservation. Collaborating closely with local communities and conservation organizations, we strive to safeguard the natural habitats and wildlife of the Masai Mara for generations to come. When you choose to embark on a horse riding safari with us, you’re not only supporting sustainable tourism but also contributing to the preservation of Africa’s invaluable biodiversity.

Don’t hesitate! Reach out to us today at or call +254 738 450 106 to reserve your Masai Mara horse riding safari with Drunken Elephant Mara. Whether you crave adventure, relaxation, or a profound connection with nature, our horse riding safaris promise an experience unlike any other. Come and uncover the enchantment of Africa from atop a horse.

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