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Apart from diverse habitats, lush green forests, abundant grasslands, rivers, marshes, and spectacular beaches, Odisha is home to a remarkable variety of animals, animal reserves, sanctuaries. The forest and environment of the land is suitable and pertinent for the growth of diverse wildlife and birdlife. It becomes the breeding place and natural habitat for deer, tiger, Asiatic lion, elephant, crocodile, gharials, and muggers are just common to be available in Odisha. Wildlife in Odisha has actually been very vast. The Eco-tourism division in Odisha offers an incredible and extraordinary opportunity to travel & explore the extensive wildlife that you ever find elsewhere.

Eco tour Odisha offers thousands of wildlife enthusiasts that come and visit the state every year and study more about their favorite animals. Do you love to explore the varieties of avifauna and flora in Odisha? Are you in search of the best Odisha wildlife and eco-tour tour to go to? If it is so, then the best of Odisha wildlife tour package could be the best alternative before you. Reputed wildlife tour operators in Odisha help you reach very close to the lush greenery, attractive terrains & biodiversity, and ecosystem, National Park, and many more spectacular places. They assist you to capture the enthralling wildlife species that live in it.

The luxuriant greenery, beautiful terrains, exquisite biodiversity, and pulsating ecosystem, wildlife reserves & National Parks make Odisha a spectacular tourist place in India. You have abundant opportunities to capture countless wildlife species. It will surely fascinate your wildlife and eco-tour tour enthusiasm. The Orissa wildlife & eco-tour or holiday packages will cover some of the best destinations such as Bhitarkanika, Simlipal, Nandankanan Zoo, Chandaka Elephant Reserve bird sanctuary, Ekakula, Puri Jagannath temple, Chilika Lake, the wildlife sanctuary of Debrigarh, Bhadrak, the city of Bhubaneswar and much more.

While moving to Bhitarkanika, you will find the impressive sight of giant saltwater crocodiles basking along the creeks. So catching them live is not a big task! It’s also common to see jumbo elephants by driving through the Eastern Ghats’ forest areas or visiting the tribal villages in Dhenkanal. It is presumed that around 1800 elephants live here. So it seems to be a perfect place to experience the wild jumbos. The Satkosia Tiger Reserve is still a great place to enjoy flora and fauna of a deep rainforest. The Chilika lake is the most significant wintering ground for migratory birds in India. Up to 160 species of birds migrate here during winters! Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary. Catch the sights of tigers, leopards, elephants, bison, sambar, and more such bewitching species. Escape to India’s finest reserves to discover rich biodiversity at so many wildlife reserves & National Parks in Odisha. You will get the opportunity to find the most talked-about animal species.

Well planned Orissa wildlife tour packages let you take to such exciting places and have a close encounter with crocodiles & different Kingfisher species in Bhitarkanika, Olive Ridley turtles, Gahirmatha beach, Irrawady blue dolphins, and millions of birds in Chilika Lake. If you have children in your group then, Nandan Kanan Zoo near Bhubaneswar is also an excellent place to explore. Do feel free to consult an Odisha-based wildlife tour and travel management company to help you find a well-planned itinerary. OD Travels provide exceptional support in this regard. They will help you plan the Odisha holiday package or wildlife & eco-tour package and assist you if something needs to be customized. Let them know about the same and make the modifications done with ease.

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  1. Odisha’s diverse habitats and rich wildlife make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. From majestic elephants and tigers to vibrant bird species, the state’s eco-tourism offers unforgettable experiences. Explore stunning destinations like Bhitarkanika and Chilika Lake with expertly planned tours from OD Travels. Discover the unparalleled beauty and biodiversity of Odisha!

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