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The most beautiful state of Odisha has something magical to keep the travel enthusiasts tempted and spellbound. A journey to this part of India lets you explore fascinating destinations, including Puri, Konark, and Bhubaneswar. Are you planning for an escape or a few days romantic voyage into such parts in the state of Odisha? Then, the Odisha Golden Triangle tour will be the journey you should go for! The Golden Triangle Tour of Odisha is a splendid journey covering three unique yet marvelous Gem destinations. Viewing spectacular and ancient monuments, receiving deity blessings, visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, seeing and purchasing beautiful handicrafts made by the locals, and doing so while surrounded by beautiful nature and surroundings will undoubtedly make your experience memorable and lasting.

There are so many hidden gems in India and Puri in Odisha is one of them. Puri Dham is also known to be the abode of Lord Jagannath’s, which is a well-known city in the state of Odisha. Lord Jagannath Dham makes Puri one of the largest visiting cities in India. One of the primary reasons for this is the Lord Jagannatha Temple which is known to be one of the Char Dham as per Hindu philosophy and holds a significant place among Hindus. Puri travel packages allow visitors to witness the history, religion, architecture, seaside beauty, and of course, one of the well-known sacred pilgrimage sites in India. Make sure to incorporate all of these sights in your Puri trip itinerary.

The Temple City of Bhubaneswar is home to numerous tourist destinations; ancient temples and cultural heritage that add beauty and authenticity to a place of interest. Almost a thousand temples within the city have made Bhubaneswar an essential pilgrimage destination. Bhubaneswar is known to be one of the oldest cities of India, home to more than thousands of temples. It has so many exciting things for travelers of all ages. In your Bhubaneswar, Puri & Konark tour packages, admire magnificent temples, ancient rock-cut caves, pristine beaches, museums, art galleries, museums, heritage towns, nature camps, and a zoo. The ‘Golden Triangle Tour’ of East India covers all such spectacular travel destinations in East India.

Konark Sun Temple is the pinnacle of Odisha Temple Architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple is the result of seven hundred years of toil in the pursuit of perfection, and its vast construction continues to make you spellbound. It is famous for its unique architecture. Its geometrical patterns and carved wheels are used to determine time-based on sun movement. It is known as the Black Pagoda because of the darkish impression of the temple’s roof.

Odisha’s famous Golden Triangle Tour is a beautiful way to discover the East Indian state’s beauty and attractions. The Golden Triangle Tour in Odisha, which includes Puri, Konark, and Bhubaneswar, is a popular family vacation destination that caters to everyone’s interests. The Golden Triangle is known for its rich historical past, temple architecture, dynamic living temples, golden sand beaches, and breath-taking natural beauty. There is no doubt that it is one of the top family vacation spots in Odisha. Dhauligiri, Lingaraj Temple – Mukteshwar Temple – Rajarani Temple – Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves – Tribal Museum – Odisha State Museum – Pipili – Puri Beach, Chandrabhaga Beach – the largest saltwater lake Chilika, – Jagannath Temple – Raghurajpur – Nandankanan – Tribal Museum – Odisha State Museum, and other sights will be included in the well-planned Bhubaneswar Puri Konark tour packages & itinerary.

To learn more about the Odisha Golden Triangle tour or the Bhubaneswar Puri Konark tour packages, look no further than OD Travel. They will help you land at Bhubaneswar and explore the holy coastal towns and places of interest around the area. Make your upcoming journey to Odisha memorable and full of fun by availing state-of-the-art services and facilities along with luxurious accommodation and transfer from OD Travels. Contact OD Travels today to plan for an Odisha Golden Triangle tour.

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