Long term car leasing or car rental in Singapore serves as the perfect alternative to a stress-free car ownership. Aside from not having to worry about purchasing a motor vehicle, you get to derive total driving pleasure and no hassle when renting a car long-term in Singapore. Renting a car in Singapore may be pretty easy because there are a myriad of car renting service providers, but to find a good car rental company that works around your budget could be challenging. Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals is one of the better Singapore Car Rental firm that you can rely on.

Working within your budget

You have to make sure that whatever car you are renting is one you are going to be able to afford payment for every month on the long-term lease. The amount you pay per month depends on the type of car you are renting which invariably determines how large an amount you are paying every month. If your company pays for your transportation fee or car rental needs, check out the corporate car rental scheme that most car rental firm in Singapore provides. If you have a small budget for car rental, try to get some quotes from the better car rental companies with good reviews, in order to get the cheapest car rental in Singapore that provides good service as well.

Reason for leasing

It is a very essential fact to know why you are leasing or renting a car especially when you are leasing it for long-term. If it is for personal purposes, for instance, if you are leasing a car to commute to work in, you should rather go for a small or medium-sized vehicle but if you are leasing for business purposes, a larger or classy vehicle would be more advisable to lease. If you have a big family, then you should consider renting a MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) that seats up to 7 or 8 passengers.

Payment options

You may want to check out the payment options available to you when you rent a car on a long-term basis. Rental companies will usually collect an upfront payment (one month rental) Plus a deposit. The deposit amount varies according to different companies. Mode of payment include – bank transfer, Paynow, Paylah!, Paypal (credit card), cash or cheque.

Length of lease

The intended length of lease goes a long way in determining the kind of car you lease or rent. The amount of money you spend on leasing and also the time frame within which you can use the car. All this also depends on the nature of the work or project you are working on in Singapore and also the duration of your stay.

Lastly, when you are leasing a car long-term in Singapore or Mercedes rental in Singapore, do not forget to go for one that shows forth the style in you.

Get and returning of the vehicle

Before getting the vehicle from the organization, you ought to examine cautiously for any existing damage. Similarly, you ought to likewise check the lights to guarantee that they are working appropriately just as the meters on the dashboard. Assuming that you notice any damage, make a point to report it to the organization before accepting the vehicle. Similarly, you ought to likewise guarantee that the vehicle is in same good condition when bringing it back. Return it on the decided time to stay away from extra charges. Make sure that you do not return the car with your belongings.

Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals is the ideal rental organization to have car rental in Singapore. You can expect to have the best of service from them. Reach them at (+65) 6285 0020 for any inquiries. 

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