Gorilla Trekking

Experience the wonders of Rwanda, a country brimming with vibrant wildlife, breathtaking national parks, and stunning landscapes. Embark on a thrilling Rwanda gorilla safari tour for an unparalleled opportunity to encounter some of the world’s most magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Venture into the heart of Rwanda’s national parks and jungles to embark on captivating gorilla and chimpanzee trekking expeditions. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the wilderness as you come face to face with these remarkable primates, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Rwanda gorilla safari tour

Your journey will lead you to the picturesque savannah reserves of Rwanda, where a diverse array of wildlife awaits. From majestic elephants and elusive leopards to towering giraffes and powerful lions, the national parks of Rwanda are teeming with an abundance of wildlife, including rare and endangered species.

Rwanda is home to three primary wildlife destinations: Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, and Akagera National Park. Volcanoes National Park is renowned for its population of mountain gorillas, offering visitors the chance to observe these incredible creatures up close. Nyungwe Forest National Park boasts the highest level of biodiversity in Rwanda, with a rich variety of plant and animal species, including an impressive array of primates and birds. Akagera National Park provides a traditional African safari experience, where visitors can spot the iconic Big Five and a plethora of other wildlife species.

Whether you’re tracking mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, exploring the lush forests of Nyungwe, or embarking on a game drive in Akagera, Rwanda promises unforgettable wildlife encounters at every turn.

Combine your wildlife adventures with other thrilling activities such as bird watching, local community tours, and forest walks to truly immerse yourself in the wonders of Rwanda’s natural world. For the ultimate Rwanda gorilla safari experience, contact Nature Nest Safaris today and begin planning your extraordinary journey into the heart of Africa’s wilderness

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